Brian Poole

3rd November 1941

Brian has been an important and very successful artist on the UK Rock n Roll scene since the late 1950’s.

From 1957 – 1962 he fronted The Tremeloes and from 1962 – 1967 the name changed into Brian Poole and The Tremeloes.

With his distinctive thick horn-rimmed glasses,and staring out performing predominantly covers of Buddy and The Crickets,it was obvious the Buddy connection would be a major influence as Brian’s career progressed,and so it proved to be.

An audition for Decca,which saw Brian and The Tremeloes chosen over The Beatles,was the beginning of a very successful period of hit records.

Brian and The Tremeloes recorded Twist and Shout a cover of The Isley Brothers song,which ironically was also successful for the Beatles,and it reached number 4 on the UK singles charts.
In 1963 they had a number 1 hit record with their version of Do You Love Me,ironically again knocking The Beatles She Loves You off the top spot.

Brian had been communicating with Norman Petty for quite a while,and one time asked Norman if he had any songs that may be suitable for them to record.
Norman sent them Someone Someone,a lovely song which was duly recorded by Brian and The Tremeloes,reaching number 2 on the UK singles charts.

If you log onto Brian’s own web-site he tells interesting stories of his relationship with Norman and Vi Petty over many years.

Still touring on a regular basis,with ex Tremeloe Chip Hawkes on the Sixties Gold Tour,alongside Gerry and The Pacemakers,The Searchers and PJ Proby,Brian continues to excite audiences with his great repertoire of hit songs.

Brian is father to two daughters who are successful in their own right,Shelly and Karen.