Our Work

The Foundation protects and promotes Buddy’s legacy by enrolling today’s legends that he inspired, championing traditional songwriting and sponsoring artists each year that we feel exemplify Buddy’s ideals. Our Scholar’s careers receive a priceless boost through the best mentoring and networking opportunities, while emerging artists and established writers create magic on the Songwriting Retreats we sponsor. Our Ambassadors each receive a replica of Buddy’s own Gibson J-45, complete with leather cover, with which he wrote and recorded so many beautiful songs, in the hope they will continue to write and perform in his memory.

From 2018 we are delighted to announce we are supporters of Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America, helping raise money to improve quality of life and chances of survival of those affected by such a terrible diseases. This year our aim is to raise $1m by providing for auction two of our foundation guitars signed by our many ambassadors. The Foundation also collects and curates Buddy Holly memorabilia, purchasing many items of rarity and value as they become available on the open market, lending them to museums and exhibitions across the world so that Buddy’s life can be seen and celebrated.