Sarah Douga

Her music defines Three Chords & The Truth

Bob Harris

Hailing from Southwest Louisiana, Sara’s roots lie in Classic Country, Texas Country, and Bluegrass – the result is a modern take on a timeless sound. 

Sara’s influence comes from great singers and songwriters before her, her own  lessons learned the hard way, and the cowboy culture and wildlife that filled the lands of her upbringing.

Sara finds a way to unite all of her passions; having studied Wildlife Management and since become a published wildlife biologist, a wife, and a mother of two. She is also a featured woman of offshore fishing in publications such as The Houston Chronicle and Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine.

Sara’s first paid singing gig was at a prestigious hunting club called, The Marsh Club:

I would work the shooting range during the day and at night I would clean up, then play my songs for the guests – it was so much fun!

Sara’s co-writing career started out with hit songwriter Gordon Bradberry and she has since worked with a roll call of the very best – including Beth Nielsen Chapman, Roddie Romero, Peter Case, Louise Goffin, Guy Fletcher, Bill Lloyd, Gary Burr and Jim Lauderdale.

Sara has the IT factor and the HIT factor

Jim Lauderdale

Following the self-release of her debut album Boots, Bras & Drawers last April, Sara is now preparing a forthcoming EP. This summer, she made her debut at Nashville’s iconic Bluebird Café and her songs were first aired in UK by “Whispering” Bob Harris on his weekly BBC Radio 2 Country show.

A small woman with a big voice, Sara is also renowned for her live performance – captivating the crowd with her soulful stories of honest life. When asked what drives her, Sara says “I think songwriters are saints, and I am just trying to get to Heaven.”

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