Robert Vincent

He is the real deal

Bob Harris

Live, he is a colossus

Liverpool Sound and Vision

In Robert Vincent, Liverpool has a giant of such lyrical repose, of such melancholic absolution, that he towers in virtue each time he steps on to a stage, physically and musically.

Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision

Robert Vincent is an award winning singer songwriter from Liverpool. He is currently supporting Paul Carrack  for the third time on his full UK tour and has been receiving rave reviews (see above). It comes as no surprise therefore (especially to his legion of loyal followers) that the legendary Bob Harris  has joined the ranks of his admirers.

Having seen him play live at an event called Bluebird at the Bluecoat  which brought the legendary Bluecoat Cafe from Nashville to Liverpool, Bob invited Robert to record one of his Under The Apple Tree Sessions  in his home studio and also for his Radio 2  show. Clearly this consolidated Bob’s admiration for this talented musician as he recently awarded Robert the prestigious and first ever Bob Harris Emerging Artist Award  for Americana UK  describing him as”absolutely magnetic” . Bob said:

“I am so impressed with Robert’s music. Strong songs laced with blues and country. He is the real deal”.

This endorsement of Robert is further consolidated by Bob’s invitation to him to play at the Under the Apple tree festival later this year. 2016 will also see Robert playing at the Maverick festival. Add to this several headline shows of his own, a trip in March to Nashville  for the Tin Pan Songwriters Festival  and a performance at the famous Bluebird Café  and you begin to realise that Robert Vincent  is someone special.

Vincent credits his influences to his upbringing where his formative years were spent listening to his father’s collection of Emmylou Harris , Charlie Rich  and Waylon Jennings albums and his older brothers introducing him to Pink Floyd.

These early influences can be detected in Vincent’s own story telling style of songwriting. He stirs a range of emotions with songs that, although often melancholic, are never maudlin, the memorable melodies leaving you feeling uplifted.

In 2013 Vincent released his debut album “Life in Easy Steps” . The title track was play listed on Radio 2  and received 4/5 Star Reviews  in the music press. Since then he has been receiving National airplay on both Janice Long  and Bob Harris’ Radio 2 shows and on Radcliffe and Maconie  as well as local airplay throughout Merseyside. Last year he supported James Blunt , playing to a packed Arena. Blunt  said he chose him as support because: “I really like the sound of Robert Vincent’s voice, and the craftsmanship with his songwriting”

Grace Pettis
Young Audio