Hank Marvin

CLIFF RICHARDS & THE SHADOWS are synonymous with the success of the UK Rock n Roll and popular music scene since the late 1950’s.

Sir CLIFF is a UK National Treasure, respected and admired throughout the industry.

HANK is an iconic musician, a pioneer of the Fender Stratacaster [ the first in the UK, purchased for him by Cliff ] a leader of the electric guitar movement in Britain, and a major influence on many future great guitar heroes around the world. HANK has a unique guitar sound all of his own and is revered as a true innovator. BRUCE is a wonderful musician and artist in his own right, a brilliant rhythm guitarist and superb songwriter. Together they have created a formidable partnership for over 50 years, and have been involved in amassing 69 charted UK hit singles [ 35 as The Shadows – 34 with Cliff & The Shadows ]

HANK and BRUCE are true fans and admirers of the BUDDY HOLLY music legacy, TBHEF is delighted therefore that they are to receive two special guitars, YOU’RE THE ONE for HANK, and CRYING,WAITING,HOPING for BRUCE.They will be Lifetime Legacy Ambassadors of these guitars.

We’ll update you when the guitars are ready to be handed over, and by then, we hope to be able to announce the name of a very special artist who will make the presentations.