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The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation Songwriting Scholarship

The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation was established to help fulfill the “dreams and wishes” Buddy Holly shared with his wife, Maria Elena.

One of the subjects Buddy discussed with Maria Elena, was his desire to create opportunities for talented young artists, in particular, singer/songwriters, from whatever ethnicity or background and access to music education and facilities.

Therefore, in keeping with Buddy’s wishes, Maria Elena and TBHEF are delighted to announce the first scholarship which will encompass those ideals.

Songwriters awarded a scholarship will attend the Chris Difford Songwriting Retreat sponsored by the Foundation, at Pennard House, Glastonbury, Somerset, where they will be mentored by internationally renowned, professional songwriters with whom they will write new songs.

The assistance to the career aspirations of these writers will not end when the retreat does. The Foundation will fund the recording of at least one of the songs created at the retreat at the state of the art Black Lodge recording studio in Leeds, Yorkshire. We will continue to work with the songwriters, offering them further support and guidance until their songwriting careers are self sustaining.

We are delighted to announce that the inaugural Buddy Holly Educational Foundation Songwriting Scholarship 2015 is awarded to Zuberi Mackson, aka Young @ud!o, a gifted, emerging songwriting talent from New Jersey.

Young @ud!o’s bespoke programme of activity begins with flying to London where he will meet and spend time with experienced hit maker Shelly Poole, before going to Pennard House where he will meet the other participants in the retreat. At the end of each day the songwriters will gather and perform for the assembled group a song written that day.

After spending the week with this group of experienced writers improving his craft, @ud!o will go to Black Lodge to record before being flown back to New York.

About Young @ud!o

Young @udio is a 25 year old native of Lakewood, New Jersey.
At age 8 he joined the local drill team, playing on the drum line.

He joined his High School Marching Band and Orchestra playing quads, snare, bass and other percussion. In 2007 Young @ud!o was accepted at the prestigious Five Towns College, Dix Hills where he studied Audio Recording and Music Business.

To pursue his dream of becoming a professional songwriter and producer, he turned his bedroom closet into a vocal booth and invested in a $50 microphone and $200 interface. By a stroke of good fortune, he was introduced to veteran English music executive, Brad Misell, who, having left the industry, was so enthused by Zuberi’s songs, he offered to manage him, ultimately bringing this talented writer to the attention of the Foundation.

The Foundation will announce the second recipient of the Songwriting Scholarship shortly.

About Chris Difford

Chris Difford wrote the lyrics to every hit by fabled London rock band Squeeze and has co-written with luminaries including Elton John and Lamont Dozier. Chris has won countless awards for his songwriting including the most coveted of all, the Ivor Novello Award (twice!).

About Shelly Poole

Shelly Poole is pop music royalty. The daughter of 60’s pop sensation Brian Poole, together with her sister Karen, she formed Alisha’s Attic and enjoyed a series of hit singles and a platinum album. Shelly now writes and performs with her husband Ally McErlaine and Charity Hair as Red Sky July as well pursuing a successful career as a songwriter for other artists.

Shelly’s songs have been recorded by artists including Janet Jackson, Mark Ronson, Ronan Keating, Massive Attack and Westlife.