Our Board

Maria Elena Holly
Maria Elena Holly is a Founder of The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation and serves on its Board of Directors.

Maria Elena was born in Puerto Rico, and moved to New York City when she was six. She was working at PEER Music Publishing in 1958 when one of PEER’s new, young artists first visited New York – Buddy Holly… More>>


Peter Bradley Snr.
Peter Bradley Snr is the Founder of The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and its President. Janet Bradley is a Founder of The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation and serves as it Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer.

With his wife Janet, Mr. Bradley established an antique export business in 1970, and then moved into retail in 1974. Since that time they have successfully grown their retail business, and now have various business interests in and around North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Peter founded the Foundation in 2010… More>>


Peter Bradley Jnr.
Peter Bradley Jnr is a Board Director of The Buddy Holly Educatioal Foundation.
Peter Jnr’s earliest memory’s of Buddy go back to coming home from school at an early age of 5 or 6 where we lived on the North East Coast of England and hearing [ Maybe Baby ] playing loud out of my Dads stereo.Rock and Roll was a huge backdrop to my early childhood along with my brothers and sisters.But it was Buddy along with The Everly Brothers that became myself and my Brother Bob’s icons.Words of Love became one of the first songs we learnt to play on acoustic guitar.We began a musical journey playing live shows from ages 10 and 11 supported by Mum and Dad playing music with two acoustic guitars and close harmony’s singing songs by Buddy Holly ,The Everly Brothers,The Hollies,Simon and Garfunkel and of course the Beatles. More>>