Ritchie Valens

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  • Felisha says:

    It works really well for me

  • Francisco says:

    Thanks, it’s quite informative

  • Juan Salazar says:

    True legend sure wish I could have had the honor to watch play . Even just in the garage days. My love and respect to the family of Richie Valens and all the people he has influenced. R.I.P. Another great fallen star that will always be in our playlists and in my hearts and love for the music and the legends lives on .. ROCK N ROLL FOR LIFE !!!!!!

  • Donna says:

    Such a great singer. Too bad he was gone to soon cause he was making music that I loved. Enjoyed the movie as well.

  • Frank R. Aguirre says:

    Ricardo – Too bad YOU had to Americanize your name to be accepted. However, YOUR MUSIC came from your SOUL which transcended all Human HEARTS. THANKS for your legacy and contributions in pioneering our rich HISPANIC CULTURE. You left us too soon but will LIVE in our HEARTS FOREVER !!!!

  • Dan says:

    Ritchie was a brilliant boot stompin’ Rock & Roll guitar player! However he was much much more. I knew someone who worked in a factory with a man who went to school with Ritchie Valens. When this factory worker was a kid he was extremely poor and did not have lunch money or food to bring to school. He said that every day at lunch break Ritchie Valens would give him half of whatever he had to eat. Ritchie fed this kid everyday. Ritchie was just a kid who himself was living in poverty, but still he fed his classmate every single day. Sometimes it was all this kid had to eat for the whole day. The gentleman who told me this story was Native American. When sharing this story with me he described the factory worker as “one of your people”, meaning the factory worker was a white man. It was a wonderful story and to this day I am grateful that this gentleman shared it with me. I realize in the 50’s, a poverty stricken Mexican kid like Ritchie, who had a history in migrant farming, would have most certainly encountered prejudice. And let’s be honest it would have been at the hands of a white man, yet despite this Ritchie fed a hungry white kid every day at school. I will always remember this story, and I will forever speak well of Ritchie Valens.

  • Tom Wolf says:

    I remember the six oclock news in Canton Ohio.Feb 3 1959.My heart sank,what a loss.I bought Ritchies records even though we had no record player at the time.I bout a second hand one and learned the words to every one of his songs.I was able to visit Ritchies grave at the San Fernando Mission several times.I went to Clear Lake for 50 Winters Later.The highlite of the event for me,was meeting Ritchie’s Family.I am in a 50’s band I sing La Bamba as well as Donna.Thank you Ritchie you have truley inspired me and have been a part of my life

  • john jarvis says:

    died way too young, still has a lasting influence on rock n roll music.in loving memory

  • Buz Christie says:

    Happy Birthday RITCHIE…

  • Buz Christie says:

    Happy Birthday Ritchie, God Bless.RIP…

  • Frank says:

    Ritchie music lives on. He had a great voice. I enjoy his music!! Rest In Peace Ritchie!!

  • primi sedeno says:

    The california kid who showed the world that anyone can do great things, thank you for your music, it still has a lot of energy, you may be gone, but your music and name live on forever, happy birthday,and keep playing with the great musicians who have passed on.

  • exodus says:

    Merci d’un petit francais pour toutes ses chansons que de beaux souvenir

  • R.I.P.

  • Armando Martinez says:

    Ritchie Valens is my greatest influence in music. He is the reason I even picked up a guitar. When I saw the film “La Bamba”, I fell in love with the music. I then persuaded my dad to download Ritchie’s real voiced music, and I was confused at how “hi-tone” his voice was. Then I started to listen to him more and more, and that voice of his never left my head. I wish he never lost his life, but like Eddie Cochran wrote in his song “Three Stars”, maybe it was to save some boy or girl that might have gone astray. Ritchie, your voice and legacy will live on as one of the pioneers of the great music of rock’n roll!

    • I actually heard Ritchie sing at my first rock ‘n’roll concert (Alan Freed Christmas Show). I was so impressed I clapped really hard! I was 12 years old. I am now close to 70.

      I thank you for being such a Ritchie Valens supporter.

      Beverly Mendheim
      author, Ritchie Valens, First Latino Rocker, Bilingual Review Press (ASU), 1987, 2002

  • Sandy Louise Sharp. says:

    Hello as soon as I heard about this I had to write something for Ritchie So here goes… Richie Valens is my most favourite artist, he was amazingly talented and my young sons love his music too, our favourite song that we sing together is …’We Belong Together’… R.I.P to a truly loved superstar it’s such a shame to lose you so soon. You are an inspiration to generations to this day and id just like to thank you for sharing your talent with the world….

    Love Always
    Sandy xxxxxx

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