Phil Everly

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  • Arguably one of the most influential artists in early rock history, Buddy Holly was celebrated in Nashville recently as

  • Gillian Heath says:

    Always loved the Everly Brothers, especially loved Phil’s exquisite voice. Listen to them 24/7. Thank you and will always love you Phil xx

  • john jarvis says:

    i grew up listening to the everfly brothers in the 50’s. ebony eyes, bowling green, all i have to do is dream some of my favorites. my first 2 college degrees atg western kentucky in bowling grewen, always has a bond with me. the everfly brotghers always among the all time best.

  • Les Read says:

    Along with Buddy there was Phil and Don who took us through the Fifties. Those three artists were the biggest influences on everything that was to follow but particularly The Beatles whose harmonies were inspired by Phil and Don. They left us with some really classic records. RIP Phil.

  • Anthony Bumbico says:

    What a great loss to the music industry. These 2 brothers had the greatest sound together

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