Paul McCartney


Presented by Maria Elena to Sir Paul McCartney

From left to right: TBHEF Legal Counsel, Stephen J. Easley. TBHEF Co-Founder, Maria Elena Holly. Sir Paul McCartney.
Maria Elena smiles in delight as Paul plays her a rendition of Buddy’s “That’ll Be The Day” on the guitar baring the same title.

From left to right: Honory US Advisor to TBHEF & Managing Director of the Buddy Holly Centre and City of Lubbock, Brooke Witcher. TBHEF Co-Founder, Maria Elena Holly. Sir Paul McCartney with his “That’ll Be The Day” guitar. Board Director, Peter Bradley Jnr. TBHEF Legal Counsel, Stephen J. Easley.

October 2nd 2014, in Lubbock, Texas where he was appearing in concert, Maria Elena, on behalf of The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation, presented Paul with two “That’ll Be The Day” guitars, replicas of Buddy’s J45 on which he wrote many of his classic songs.

Paul graciously signed one of the guitars, which The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation has loaned to The Buddy Holly Centre, Lubbock.

Accompanying the guitar will be the certificate in this photograph,which was jointly signed by Sir Paul and Maria Elena.

It is now on permanent display, together with a certificate celebrating the presentation signed by Maria Elena and Paul.

Paul retained the other “That’ll Be The Day” guitar for his own personal use, and it includes installed behind the sound-hole, an original fret from Buddy’s own Gibson J45, [one of only 18 which were acquired when Buddy’s guitar was re-fretted in the 1970’s]

A further 17 International Ambassador/artists of TBHEF have been presented with similar Buddy/Cricket titled guitars, and each instrument includes one of the other original frets. Details of these artists can be found on

Hopefully Paul’s “That’ll Be The Day” guitar may even appear unexpectedly on occasion, when the great man is performing in concert.

“That’ll Be The Day” was recorded as a demonstration by The Quarrymen [Paul, John, George] on 14th April 1958,only 16 months after The Crickets had recorded the song that shook the world, Buddy and JI’s million selling masterpiece!

That rare iconic shellac pre-Beatles recording is owned by Paul.

Like Maria Elena, Paul remains a passionate and wonderful supporter of Buddy’s music legacy, and together they continue to dedicate time and effort in ensuring the integrity of that legacy is protected and enjoyed.

Buddy Holly fans everywhere thank them for their years of personal commitment.

Maria Elena and Peter Jnr hold the foundations “That’ll Be The Day” guitar and the TBHEF certificate which Paul McCartney kindly signed and dated and will be exhibited for life in the Buddy Holly centre in Lubbock Texas from 2015.