Larry & Travis Holley


We are thrilled and proud to welcome into TBHEF,two gentlemen who were very close to Buddy,his brothers Larry and Travis.

Growing up,Buddy enjoyed the warmth of a loving family,in a home that was always filled with music,fun and laughter.
Also,a very important influence in Buddy’s early life,were the hymns and sermons that were performed in the local church the Holley family attended.

Buddy’s wonderful parents Laurence and Ella were supportive of Buddy’s music ambitions from day one,and with encouragement from Larry,Travis and sister Pat,performing with like minded friends in local radio stations and dance halls,Buddy started to map out his music destiny.

Larry as the oldest brother had a huge influence on Buddy growing up,he was a great mentor in not only Buddy’s music direction,but life in general,and Buddy respected the wisdom and advice of the whole family.

Buddy worked with his brothers at The Holley Tile Company,and below is a pic of the bathroom in Larry’s home where Buddy helped lay the tiles,and as you can see,they are still intact,in pristine condition,like the day they were laid.

Buddy and his brothers also tiled part of the Norman Petty Studio,which again,is thankfully still intact and in immaculate order.

As a homage to Maria Elena,and the Holley family,who loved the classic country music of the day,TBHEF recently commissioned David Frizzell,the great Lefty’s brother,to produce a superb Country Tribute CD/DVD in Nashville to Buddy.It traces Buddy’s tragically short but significant and historic rise through his recorded and performing career,highlighting Buddy’s country music roots,onto his pioneering Rock n Roll songs and finally the innovative string orchestration sessions
The 21 track CD/DVD is titled “Remember Me” as an acknowledgement to Larry and Travis,who sang this old Scotty Wiseman song,which was a Holley family favourite,on Sir Paul McCartney’s brilliant documentary,”The Real Buddy Holly Story”,a song Buddy would have heard his brothers sing.
TBHEF is especially pleased that to find,among the great artists who have contributed to “Remember Me”,the legendary Merle Haggard is an all time favourite of Larry’s,and another brilliant contributing artist,Sonny Curtis is someone Larry and Travis really admire.

I’m sure all Buddy/Cricket fans around the world,will be as pleased and delighted as TBHEF,that these two fine gentlemen,who had such an influence on Buddy,have joined our special family.

On behalf of Maria Elena and TBHEF ,Welcome Larry and Travis Holley,it’s an honour and a joy to make this announcement.