Dave Somerville (The Diamonds)

Sometime in the next five minutes, the voice of Dave Somerville will electrify the airwaves somewhere in the world.

As the lead singer on The Diamonds’ “Little Darlin'”, one of the seminal songs of rock and roll and classics such as “Why do Fools Fall in Love?”, “Silhouettes”, and “The Stroll”, his vocals on these anthems have become staples of radio programming.

Dave was introduced to his first 45 record player by Buddy Holly on one of the many Greyhound buses that he and The Crickets shared. This was only fitting since Dave and The Diamonds’ “Little Darlin'” was the first hit record on that new seven inch innovation, the 45 RPM record.

It was also on these trips that Chuck Berry would borrow Dave’s handy acoustic guitar into which he stuck the bus driver’s microphone providing inspiration for the chords of his next “Maybelline” hit. And it was in the hotel rooms along the way where the Everly Brothers would refine their harmonies.

His music influenced the evolution of rock and roll and many legendary artists over the years including Elvis who was a big fan of The Diamonds.They also recorded Buddy’s Words Of Love.