Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook

The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation are proud and delighted that singer/songwriting greats Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook (The Odd Couple & SQUEEZE) are now Lifetime recipients of two guitars with enchanting Buddy song titles that have been Labelled with Love “Take Your Time” & “That’s What They Say”.

“Take Your Time” – “That’s What They Say”

So sang Buddy in two of his less familiar, but still enchanting songs. As a renowned brilliant singer/songwriter, Buddy would be thrilled that two modern day fantastic singer/songwriters have been presented with a guitar each bearing his two song titles from TBHEF.

On Tuesday evening, SQUEEZEd in the intermission between their excellent Odd Couple concert at The Grand Opera House in York, November 2014. Two of the UK’s most loved and respected singer/songwriters received their instruments.

Maria Elena and TBHEF are delighted that Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook are now Lifetime recipients of the “Take Your Time” and “That’s What They Say” guitars.

Thank you Chris and Glenn for your warm hospitality, it was a terrific show that highlighted your amazing gifts for delivering unusual, thoughtful,witty and beautiful songs in your own inimitable and classy manner.

We hope these two Buddy connected guitars will inspire many more great songs from you in the future.

Chris is of course the artistic director for TBHEF of the very successful annual singer/songwriting events we hold,one of which will take place again in Glastonbury June? 2015.

The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation is honoured and grateful for Chris’s generous support.

Welcome into the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation family Chris and Glenn.