Buddy Holly

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  • buddy holly was way ahead of his time he will still be remembered 100 years from now.he was a musical genius. r.i.p buddy you were the best.

  • Rod Finnis says:

    I was blessed to have seen Buddy on stage in London in March 1958 and I have never forgotten the occasion. I have his music on my car music centre and it gets played all the time. I still shed a tear when I watch the ending of the Buddy Holly Story film, and I am not ashamed to say it.
    He will live on forever in everybody’s heart.

  • Rock and roll will live on due to this incredibly legacy left behind by BH. I play practically at every one of my gigs at least one song of his, and the people go nuts. I’m absolutely thrilled this Texas Boy has found this website. Thanks Maria et, al.

  • Jeff M. says:

    To Buddy,

    Wherever you are, THANK YOU for your words, your music, your inspiration. Someone once said that whenever a kid plugs a Fender guitar into an amp, Buddy is there. You left this world much too soon, but your undying spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of so many people who have gone on to write songs that forever changed the face of rock and roll music.

    To Maria, God bless you and THANK YOU for all that you do in honoring Buddy and his music. I was looking at the photograph of you with Paul McCartney and the “That’ll Be The Day” guitar and I couldn’t help but wonder how much of a Beatles fan Buddy would have been. I would like to think that Buddy and The Beatles would have been buddies (no pun intended) because they were kindred spirits who both were pioneers in songwriting and music production.

    Elvis may have had the look and may have been a better performer than Buddy, Lennon and McCartney were inspired to write their own songs because of Buddy, not Elvis. And millions of people around the world became musicians and learned to play the guitar because of Buddy, not Elvis. If Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll, which is undisputed to most people, then Buddy is the Prince of Rock and Roll.

    Even rockers like Elvis Costello, a fellow Elvis, and Elton John, wore eyeglasses similar to Buddy because they wanted to look like him. In fact, it wasn’t so much that people want to look like Buddy as much as it is that they want to be like him. His vocal style, his guitar playing, his songwriting and his progression with each album has influenced so many people and will continue to influence many people long after we are all gone.

    The music may have been silenced for one day in February 1959, but it most certainly did not die. It lives on forever which means that Buddy, Ritchie and J.P. will live forever. I like to think that after we pass on that we become stars in the universe. The heavens gained three of its brightest stars in February 1959. Buddy is one of them and so long as there is a universe, his star will continue to burn bright.

  • The Buddy Jr. says:

    I am 12 now and I love Buddy Holly so much it’s just the fact the music now a days is crap. When Buddy died so did music R.I.P Buddy Holly

  • Kelly Bogues says:

    Buddy will live-on far into the future through the music he shared with the world during his short time. Many thanks for the website here and best wishes for the future.

  • Adam Barnard says:

    I am 33 years old and have been a Buddy & Crickets fan since I was 18. I love his music and history of Buddy. I was inspired to perform my own tribute to Buddy back in 2005 and still going strong! I had the privilege of performing in Lubbock on the 50th anniversary in 2009 at the Blue Light bar. Also met his brothers Larry and Travis, what a real treat! I got married in Lubbock in 2011 and invited some friends from the Buddy Holly Center too.

    I have a shrine to Buddy here in London. UK and enjoy performing my tribute to the great late LEGEND.

    Buddy Holly and Rock n Roll will always be a part of my life.

    RIP Buddy and Co. Xx

  • Alan Southard says:

    At a meeting in Exeter,Devon,Uk. 2years ago,a new member of the group remembered me as I delivered newspapers to her parents and said that I was crying when delivering the paper.Asked why,the date was 3rd Feb’59.
    Buddy has gone but will always be remembered.

  • gerard pearce says:

    the best there ever was !!

  • Stephanie Laurent says:

    Even to this day, his music continues to touch my heart. I thank the Lord for Blessing us with such an amazing musician like Buddy Holly, who has inspired many generations with his greatest hits.

  • Pamela Chisholm says:

    I was only very young when he died, but my elder sister played his music all the time and I still adore it. Sad to think of all that music left unwritten. What a talented man he was! 🙁

  • john jarvis says:

    sad day for the music industry when the music died in such an untimely manner, and such a big loss, what an influence buddy holly is and would have remained. i enjoy all of his songs.

  • c. adams says:

    Have recently found my way back to his music. What joy.

  • Phyllis Horlyk says:

    Love all his Music ,Very sad day, I still have the Newspaper, that tells the Story, Will Always Love Him !

  • Grace Fye says:

    I love the man and his music, even more today than yesterday. It was a sad day, indeed. when he left us.

    • Carmen Cassette Johnson says:

      I was 4years old when Buddy Holly died, but I had an older brother who played his music, so I grew up listening to Buddy-what a great legend – I saw the Buddy Holly Story musical 3 times, it was like being right there – as a birthday gift to my brother I brought him to see the show- he was in awe-
      we see commercials using his songs today- we are blessed to have his music with us -I am so grateful that Paul McCarthy kept his music alive-

  • Les Read says:

    The start of it all for me. I’d heard Bill Haley and Elvis but Buddy’s music grabbed me and has never let go. It was all so new and fresh and exciting to me and it has never dated.. Such a sad and cruel day when Buddy died, but what a legacy. Here we are over 50 years later still loving the music and the man. RIP Buddy and thank you for the music.

  • Anthony Bumbico says:

    What a sad day when this great musician died. I loved his music and his music inspired me the start play the guitar. RIP Buddy.

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