Nokie Edwards “Everyday”

Dear Nokie,

On behalf of TBHEF, I’d like to personally congratulate you on becoming a Lifetime recipient of the Everyday guitar.

In an incredibly successful music and acting career, spanning over 6 decades, you have built up an amazing cult status among millions of guitar fans.

Those wonderful instrumentals of The Ventures are legendary. The most successful instrumental group in history, with sales exceeding 100 million.
Your other great music collaborations over many years are too many to quote here, suffice to say, they have helped establish your enviable reputation as a master musician and artist,much loved and revered around the world.

A Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame member, virtuoso musician, guitar designer and innovator, successful actor, and your long and distinguished career in the entertainment industry, these are all testaments to your brilliant artistry.

But most of all, you are recognised by your peers and fans alike, as one of the world’s greatest guitarists, and the staggering amount of recorded output you have produced over the years will, like Buddy’s music legacy, be the source of inspiration and enjoyment for future generations.

Please accept my grateful thanks for gifting to TBHEF your beautiful instrumental versions of songs Buddy recorded.

Enjoy playing and recording your Everyday guitar.

I’m delighted to welcome you into TBHEF Nokie.

Maria Elena Holly.