Mick Jagger and Keith Richards Join The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation

May 1957 – Buddy Holly & The Crickets originally record “Not Fade Away” in Clovis, New Mexico

January 1964 – The Rolling Stones record their cover of “Not Fade Away in London, England

May 2013 – Mick Jagger and Keith Richards receive identical “Not Fade Away” guitars from The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation in Los Angeles, California

Maria Elena Holly and the Board of The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation are thrilled to announce that original Rolling Stones members Mick Jagger and Keith Richard accepted delivery of two custom-built “Not Fade Away” guitars on behalf of the Foundation before their concert in Anaheim, California last week. The Foundation wants to gratefully thank TBHEF Ambassador Waddy Watchel for arranging this momentous occasion.

“Not Fade Away” was a big hit for The Rolling Stones and the “A” side of Stones’ first US single. When they covered it in 1964, it was a little known Buddy Holly song, but the Stones astutely understood its potential and recorded their brilliant version. Their cover, as well as others by legendary artists such as The Byrds, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, the Grateful Dead and others, have turned the song into a timeless classic, and it is now universally accepted as a truly great Buddy Holly composition, proving that Buddy’s magical music legacy will Not Fade Away!

The Foundation is proud to welcome Mick and Keith, and honored that they have accepted these two guitars and acknowledged the important influence Buddy’s music had had on both of them. The “Not Fade Away” Guitars are replicas of Buddy’s original guitar and leather case and were built by Foundation luthier Howard Klepper.

A special section on TBHEF website detailing the event and saluting Mick and Keith will be following soon, so please keep viewing our site at regular intervals, as we are always updating the site with interesting Buddy Holly-related news.