Midnight Shift Brent Mason

Dear Brent,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you into TBHEF as a loan recipient of one of our unique guitars, Midnight Shift.

Your contribution to American Country Music is truly outstanding.

12 times winner of the Academy of Country Music guitarist of the year, two-times winner of the CMA Award musician of the year, one of the most recorded and celebrated guitarists in history – what an amazing career, and still time to achieve so much more.

Unfortunately, time was cut short for Buddy, but I am so proud, knowing how much he loved his guitar and great guitarists, that such a fine musician has joined TBHEF to honour Buddy’s music legacy.

I hope Midnight Shift brings you great joy and inspiration, and whenever, and where ever you can, you will help promote and publicise the goals of TBHEF.

I’m looking forward to hearing your version of Midnight Shift, which you have kindly recorded for TBHEF.

Please remember, that although the loan guitars are initially for two year periods, they can be extended indefinitely at the discretion of TBHEF board directors, depending on how much a recipient artist has contributed to promoting the ideals and aspirations of TBHEF, and in so doing, helping fulfil the “dreams and wishes” of Buddy and I.

Warmest congratulations Brent.

Maria Elena Holly.